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Private hospital Fertilitas (Kaluri tee 5a, Haabneeme, Viimsi, Estonia)

Plastic surgeries are performed in the modern private clinic named Fertilitas, where in October 2014 the new and modern operating theatre was completed.

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This private hospital has all the facilities for hosting the hole family of the patient.

Fertilitas hospital was established in 1993 and is the largest private hospital in Estonia. The hospital has 70 beds and the modern medical and diagnostical complex with four operating theaters and intensive care center, all of which meet the contemporary requirements.

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After an operation the patient will be monitored in the monitoring ward next to the operating room. When the patient wakes up, (s)he will be taken to a ward, where (s)he will recover from surgery. Medical emergency service operates 24 hours a day.

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The Fertilitas Hospital offers to the patients very good and comfortabl conditions in a renovated wards: Cosy color scheme, creats a pleasant atmosphere for healing. Each ward has a toilet, TV and free wifi.

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The wards are double surcharge. It is possible to to stay there with a companion. Also 4 star Viimsi SPA hotel is only 300 meeters from hospital. Fertilitas hospital is situated about 13 km from airport and Tallinn city center.