Anni Laas, Rn. CNM

Certified Therapist in Clinical Nutrition


2017 Estonian Union of Health Promotion, Therapist in Clinical Nutrition (EQF 6).
2008-2013 Tallinn Health Care College, Midwife/ Nurse, Bachelor’s degree, Cum Laude.


2015-2016 ESPEN Experts Course: Intestinal Failure, England.
23rd ESPEN Course on Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, Poland.
8th Baltic Course in Clinical Nutrition, Lithuania.
2015,2016 Danderyd’s Hospital & Karolinska University Hospital: ERAS (Enhanced
Recovery After Surgery) training, Sweden.
2013-2016 University of Tartu: Online Courses on Nutrition & Dietetics.
2013…2017 The North Estonia Medical Centre & East Tallinn Central Hospital: Courses in
Nutrition & Dietetics.
2013 The Fetal Medicine Foundation: Course on first-trimester Sonography Screening.


Since 2016 The Bariatric Services, Clinical Nutrition Specialist Nurse
2015-2017 The North Estonia Medical Centre: General Surgery and Oncology Surgery
Centre, Clinical Nutrition Specialist Nurse / Bariatric Nurse. ERAS Project Manager and
ERAS Nurse.
2013-2015 The North Estonia Medical Centre: Oncologic Surgery Unit, ICU Nurse.


Baltic Course in Clinical Nutrition organising committee, Member.
Estonian Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (EstSPEN), Board Member.
Estonian Nurses Union, Member.
NEMC Nutrition steering committee, Member.
Estonian Oncology Nurses Society, Member.


Estonian (native) English (fluent) Russian (basic) Finnish (beginner)

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