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1.   Take contact with us

The best way to take first contact with us is by filling out short application form that you can find in the end of this page.

Be as honest and accurate as possible in your responses, as it is in your own interests to provide objective information.

After analysing your data, Bariatric Service will submit you personalised proposal for surgery.

We will contact you in 24 hours, during weekends and public holidays it can take up to 48 hours. If you do not receive any answer in 48 hours, try checking your junk mail folder. Or you may have written a wrong email address on the application form and we failed to contact you.

2.   Make a reservation for your operation

Before final confirmation and reservation, you are asked to fill in a lengthy and more specific medical questionnaire.

Try to give maximally honest and accurate responses as providing objective information serves your own interests. If you do not understand a question or you are not sure about the answer, contact us and ask for advice. It is very important to determine any potential contraindications, to avoid a situation where you have travelled all the way to Estonia only to find out that the operation cannot be performed.

If surgery is medically indicated, we will notify you of the available time options and find the one which is best for you.

We will let you know the exact schedule and recommendations for planning your trip. If necessary, we will help you with a visa invitation and give recommendations concerning transport or accommodation for accompanying person.

3.   Before the operation

Before surgery the special pre-operative diet is required. The exact length of the required diet depends on your body mass index. We will give you a personal advice in respect of diet.

Let us know well ahead of time when your ship, plane or bus is due to arrive. Our representative will meet you and take to the hotel or hospital, depending on the schedule. This representative will be your personal assistant throughout your stay in Estonia and help you in all matters that may arise. The representative will show you round the hospital, introduce a surgeon and provide all information concerning the operation.

4.   The operation and hospital stay

On the day of the surgery, you should be in hospital by 10:00 at the latest. If your flight (bus, etc.) is due to arrive at Tallinn later than 9:30, you should come a day before. Various screenings and tests will be performed in the morning. Next you have a consultation with your surgeon. Operation takes place in the afternoon. The estimated hospital stay is 3 nights, and after that you can head home straight from hospital.

5.   Back home:

You will receive all necessary documentation, concerning the operation, in English, along with instructions and recommendations for further actions: changes in your diet, supplemental vitamin therapy and post-surgery care package. Future consultations and medical checks may be carried out by dietician and medical staff back home, but if desired, Bariatric Services offers the option of the telephone or e-mail support. We will send you a survey at regular intervals after the operation, allowing you to rate your state of health and providing you with recommendations for diet, vitamin supplements and lifestyle.

Bariatric surgery is the first step towards a slimmer and healthier you. There are quite a few further steps you will need to take to reach your goal. That is where long-term follow-up with your surgeon and dietician becomes very important. That is the reason we offer a 5-year follow-up with our surgeon and dietician to our weight loss surgery patients. 5-year follow-up is included in our standard surgery package.

If you suffer from concomitant illnesses (type II diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnoea), we recommend that your own GP or specialist shall handle the corresponding treatment and observation.

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