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Bariatric Services AS is a specialized clinic in Tallinn, Estonia focusing on obesity surgery. Bariatric Services provides pre-and post-operation counseling services for bariatric surgery patients, operations are carried out by our partner hospitals – The Private Hospital Fertilitas or The North Estonian Medical Centre.

These hospitals perform around 400-450 bariatric surgeries per year that is 55% of all bariatric surgeries performed in Estonia.

Surgeries are performed by Doctor Ilmar Kaur in both hospitals. Doctor Priit Miidla performs surgeries in The North Estonian Medical Centre.

Dr Ilmar Kaur

Our chief surgeon – Doc. Ilmar Kaur is the leading bariatric surgeon in Estonia. Doctor Kaur has the most prominent and the longest experience in the field of bariatric surgery in Estonia. Moreover, he is the president of Estonian Society for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery and accredits other bariatric surgeons in Estonia. Ilmar Kaur performs ca 300-400 weight loss surgeries a year and has performed around 2500 in total.

His gifted hands and golden heart are equally valued by his patients. Doctor Kaur has been awarded with the Estonian Doctor of The Year prize on 2012.

Our Team

Medical teams in our partner hospitals are highly experienced in the field of bariatric surgeries and improve their skills continuously in order to provide top-quality medical service for our patients. Excellent training and extensive experience has brought the occurrence of complications to a minimum.

Bariatric surgeons have experience with bariatric surgeries from year 2006.

Meet the team

Our Team

Georgina Yates

Hi, thank you for interest in having weight loss surgery with us in Tallinn, Estonia.  My name is Georgina, I am the UK/IE representative and I am here to make this weight loss journey with you from your initial enquiry through to after your surgery and beyond!

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I am a former bypass patient having had surgery in August 2016.  After trying pretty much every diet going and losing weight only to put it on again, I finally decided it was time to look at other options.  After consulting with my GP in order to get on the  NHS waiting list for bariatric surgery I realised that the process was very long, and I may not have even been a successful candidate for surgery.  Private treatment was too expensive and so I started to look abroad.

I found Bariatric Services and spoke to my dad who as an anesthetist had actually had experience of working within the Baltic region, he actually reassured me that the healthcare system in the region was of the highest standards, and that was it, making a huge saving compared to treatment at home, I booked my operation date in Tallinn!

My surgery was performed by one of Northern Europe’s best and most prominent bariatric surgeons, Dr Ilmar Kaur.  Bariatric Services assured me of the highest of standards, excellent care and a positive outcome and I was definitely not disappointed!  The whole team are kind, caring and professional, in all honesty I rate their standards of care and expertise as higher than those I have encountered in the UK – I cannot praise them highly enough.

Since my surgery I have lost over 65 kg and also successfully had a little girl in 2018 and have still maintained my weight loss. I stayed in contact with the Bariatric Services team and was very happy to be asked to become their UK/IE customer representative.  This role gives me the opportunity to help other patients have the same opportunity I did!  I had such a positive experience with Bariatric Services that I want to help others every step of the way experience it for themselves.

This isn’t just life-saving surgery, it is life changing!

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Our hospitals

Bariatric Services provides bariatric operations in Estonian top hospitals – in North Estonian Medical Centre and Private Hospital Fertilitas. Both our hospitals are top level hospitals that are dedicated to provide highest level medical service and guarantee our patients comfort and satisfaction.
Bariatric Services surgeons and patient servicing team is same in both hospitals.

The North Estonia Medical Centre is Estonia’s largest public hospital with more than 3400 employees and 800 beds. The new X wing launched in 2010 is one of the most modern hospital buildings in the Baltic Sea region – 100% digital and contemporary, innovative from a logistical standpoint and highly efficient, with the highest possible level of safety for patients and personnel. All bariatric surgeries are performed in the new wing.
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Fertilitas is the largest private hospital in Estonia. The hospital has 70 beds and the modern medical and diagnostical complex with four operating theatres and intensive care centre, all of which meet the contemporary requirements. In October 2014 the new and modern operating theatre was completed for bariatric surgeries.
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