Terms & Conditions » Bariatric Services

Bariatric Services AS, registration number 12190939, hereinafter referred to as the “Bariatric Services”, is the partner of two hospitals where the bariatric surgeries are performed by:

  • The private hospital Fertilitas –  (situated Kaluri tee 5a, Haabneeme, Estonia)the region’s largest public hospital – The North Estonia Medical Center (situated J.Sütiste tee 19, Tallinn, Estonia)The responsibility of
  • Bariatric Services is to provide pre-and post-operation counseling services for bariatric surgery patients, operations are carried out by the private hospital Fertilitas or The North Estonian Medical Centre.
  1. Bariatric Services, will make its best efforts to respond to every enquiry by all persons interested in its services (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”) at the earliest moment possible. Communication with the Customer(s) will take place primarily through email or telephone and documentation shall be provided by email.
  2. Prior to booking the surgery, Bariatric Services will request the Customers to complete the standardized medical questionnaire (hereinafter referred to as the “Questionnaire”), photos of the body region under consideration in case of post-bariatric plastic surgery and other information necessary to consider the Customer’s requested surgery.
  3. The Customer must complete the Questionnaire and provide other requested information accurately and completely. The Customer acknowledges that failure to do so may result in the inability to undertake the surgery. Bariatric Services is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from the Customer’s failure to complete the Questionnaire and provide other information accurately and completely.
  4. The Customer acknowledges that Bariatric Services and the Hospital will be handling the medical data of the Customer, which may be covered by various medical confidentiality provisions, and authorizes Bariatric Services to handle this data. Bariatric Service will treat any information submitted by the Customer in the strictest confidence and will share information only with the Hospital.
  5. After analyzing the medical data submitted by Customer, Bariatric Services provides the Customer with the surgeons opinion whether the requested surgery is indicated or not.
  6. Bariatric Services and Customer will agree the date for surgery based on availability at the Hospital.
  7. Bariatric Services will provide the Customer with preoperative tips and descriptions of the relevant surgery, including cautions and considerations, which the Customer is obliged to have read and understood prior to any surgery.
  8. Bariatric Services sends to the Customer confirmation Invoice with the determined surgery date and request for payment. Payment terms are specified in the invoice.
  9. Surgery price is final – any unexpected treatment costs in the Hospital will not incur additional costs for Customer. In case of unexpected longer stay in Hospital when Customer can’t leave with the planned flight, Bariatric Services will buy new flight ticket back to home.
  10. Bariatric Services takes full responsibility for the treatment cost of all complications that occur during primary hospitalization and within 30 postoperative days regardless if Hospital or surgeon is responsible for complication or not. Any expenses incurred are paid by Bariatric Services. As prerequisite the treatment must be carried out at Bariatric Services AS partner hospitals: Fertilitas AS or North Estonian Medical Centre.
  11. Bariatric Services has liability for additional medical procedures that must be done in Tallinn, up to 6 months after surgery, and it covers costs of up to 50,000 Euro. This insurance applies in cases where the surgeon is to blame for any complications, and will cover any operations, other treatments etc, if there is evidence that the surgeon in Tallinn has made a mistake.
  12. The Customer accepts these conditions by paying the pre-payment or invoice.
  13. If, in case of circumstances beyond their reasonable control, Bariatric Services has to cancel or significantly change a booking, Bariatric Services will offer the Customer alternative arrangements or refund the payment to the Customer.
  14. In the event the Customer wishes to change the booking after issuance of the confirmation by Bariatric Service, the Customer must notify Bariatric Services by e-mail of the desired change. Bariatric Services will make its best efforts to process the requested changes.
  15. In the event that Customer applies to cancel the booking, Customer is obliged to notify Bariatric Services by e-mail.
  16. The cancellation results cancellation fee (300 EUR). The cancellation fee will be deducted from the payment collected upon making the reservation and the balance of the payment will be returned to the Customer within 7 working days after the cancellation.
  17. If the Customer reserves a new surgery at a later date, he / she will not lose this 300EUR.
  18. After surgery Customer will receive all the necessary documentation about the operation in English, along with instructions and recommendations for what is to come: changes in diet, supplemental vitamin therapy and post-op follow-up. Future consultations and medical checks may be carried out by dieticians and medical staff back home, but if desired, Bariatric Services offers the option of telephone or e-mail support.
  19. The customer accepts the terms by paying the pre-payment as referred in invoice. Accepting the terms means that the Customer has read and accepted these terms.