1. Parties

1.1. The Bariatric Services AS General Terms and Conditions for Service Provision regulate the mutual rights and obligations of the service provider and the patient in the provision of services.

1.2. Matters that are not regulated by the General Terms and Conditions shall be handled in accordance with the Law of Obligations Act, the Health Services Organisation Act, and other acts and legislation adopted on the basis thereof.

2. Definitions

2.1. For the purposes of the General Terms and Conditions, ‘service’ means the healthcare services provided by the service provider.

2.2. For the purposes of the General Terms and Conditions, ‘service provider’ means Bariatric Services AS together with its employees and providers of services (natural and legal persons).

2.3. ‘Patient’ means a person to whom a healthcare service is provided or who wishes that a healthcare service be provided to them.

3. Entry into an agreement (scheduling of service appointment)

3.1. Patients can schedule a service appointment by phone or e-mail by using the contact details published on the service provider’s website or the enquiry form provided on the service provider’s website.

3.2. When a patient has scheduled a service appointment, the service provider and the patient shall be deemed to have entered into an agreement for the provision of healthcare services.

3.3. Services shall be provided with the patient’s consent.

3.4. These General Terms and Conditions as well as any policies, rules, and requirements established by the service provider and made available to the patient shall be deemed an integral part of the agreement for the provision of healthcare services, with which the patient accepts to comply when scheduling a service appointment.

4. Rights and obligations of the parties

4.1. Patients have the right to:

4.1.1. cancel any service appointments they have scheduled without giving reasons for it;

4.1.2. privacy in the provision of services;

4.1.3. have their data be kept confidential by the service provider. The service provider shall not disclose the patient’s data to any unauthorised persons, except with the patient’s permission or where required by law;

4.1.4. choose between different services and to decline any services;

4.1.5. receive high-quality services that are in keeping with the overall level of medical science. The service provider cannot guarantee that the patient will get better or that the surgery will succeed;

4.1.6. submit suggestions and complaints regarding the provision and management of services.

4.2. Patients are obliged to:

4.2.1. arrive at the agreed upon location on time to receive the requested services;

4.2.2. submit photo identification (ID card, passport, driver’s licence);

4.2.3. pay on time any invoices issued by the service provider;

4.2.4. notify the service provider as soon as possible if the patient cannot arrive to receive a service at the scheduled time;

4.2.5. accept and comply, both during and after service provision, with the medically justified treatment prescribed and instructions issued by a healthcare professional;

4.2.6. follow the rules established by the service provider for patients, as well as any other requirements communicated to patients during their stay in the hospital.

4.3. The service provider is obliged to:

4.3.1. inform patients of their medical examination results and health status as well as any diseases and their progression, the nature and purpose as well as the risks associated with and the consequences of the offered services, and any other available and necessary healthcare services as well as the possibility of receiving information from the physician providing treatment both before and during service provision;

4.3.2. document the provision of services in accordance with the applicable requirements;

4.3.3. process the personal data of patients in accordance with the rules for the protection of personal data in force in Estonia and the European Union.

4.4. The service provider has the right to:

4.4.1. unilaterally reschedule or cancel any appointments scheduled by patients for work organisation-related or other good reasons. When doing so, the service provider shall notify the patient no later than within one business day;

4.4.2. request patients to provide written consent for the provision of services;

4.4.3. refuse to provide a service (including to schedule an appointment) to a patient or to terminate the provision of the service, if the patient: fails to arrive at the time and location agreed upon for the provision of the services; is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs; is in arrears to the service provider; refuses to sign the informed consent form; is requesting a service that is not medically justified; refuses to disclose information that is necessary for the provision of the service; fails to follow good communication practices;

4.4.4.  process the personal data, including health data, of patients where necessary for the provision of services. In order to provide a service, the service provider may need to examine the patient’s personal data in the Health Information System or on another data storage medium even before the appointment. If a patient cancels or fails to appear for their appointment after the service provider has examined their personal data for the purpose of the provision of services, the examination of the patient’s personal data shall be deemed to have been necessary for the provision of services.

5. Payment for services

5.1. Patients undertake to pay for services provided to them in accordance with the invoices issued to them by the service provider.

5.2. Services shall generally be paid for in advance, at the latest on the day the service is provided; more detailed payment terms shall be indicated on the invoice.

5.3. If desired, patients may apply for a hire-purchase arrangement from a credit institution to pay for the services. For more information on applying for hire-purchase arrangements, patients may contact the service provider.

5.4. Patients shall be deemed aware of the fact that the Estonian Health Insurance Fund will not reimburse the amounts payable for the services.

6. Feedback and complaints

Patients may submit feedback, suggestions, and complaints to the service provider:

6.1. by e-mail at .

6.2. Complaints submitted by patients shall be registered and replied to by e-mail within 10 calendar days after the registration of the complaint.

7. Liability

7.1. The service provider shall provide services in accordance with the best knowledge and treatment guidelines in the field of medical and nursing science.

7.2. The service provider shall not be liable for any negative outcomes of the provision of services if the patient has been informed of the possible risks and consequences and the patient has consented to the provision of the services.

7.3. The service provider is subject to the supervision of the Estonian Health Board.

8. Final provisions

8.1. The service provider has the right to change the General Terms and Conditions unilaterally by publishing the changes on the service provider’s website. Patients shall be subject to the version of the General Terms and Conditions in force at the time of ordering the relevant services.

8.2. In matters not provided for in the General Terms and Conditions and the agreement, the parties shall be guided by the applicable legislation of the Republic of Estonia. Disputes arising from the performance of the agreement shall be settled through negotiations. If the parties fail to reach an agreement, the dispute shall be settled in court pursuant to the procedure prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.