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Thanks God and your professional team I’m absolutely fine and doing very well.

September 7, 2017

I’m lost almost 20 kg’s during this 6 month period, feel much better, energetic since I started to be loosing weight step by step start doing sports and activities.

By now I’m running 5,5-6kms 3-4x per week(I never run before and I’m absolutly obsessed by, almost inconvenience if I missūüėČūüėÉ one of my running sessions and totaly reshaped…everybody who’s see me since my operation asking what happend with me I’m looking amazing…And I tell them I feel amazingūüėČ myself!

My weight steadystate around 71kg in the last month did not loosing but I think probably because my body fat/muscle proportion changeing due to the intensive running.

I dropped dress size from UK size 18 to UK size 12-14 so happy….so need to change my whole wardrobe…but don’t mind it is a really one of the best happy changeing.

This is a totaly different lifestyle, needed to change my eating habits, portions and have to change my lifestyle for it but I’m flexible so it does not bother me, I see almost the amazing consequenses, encourage me and just have to listen to my body and tell me what I need and how often and importantly how slowly…this was the biggest change to learn how slowly need to eat and what and how small portion for my comfort feeling. But by now I’m pretty confident with these as well.

So summery I’m so happy and this was my one of the best decision in my life to apply for this operation on your clinic, I can not be greatful enough for your very professional teamwork for this treatment and your kindness.


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