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Leading surgeon is Dr Ilmar Kaur, who has been awarded the Doctor Of The Year (2012).

January 22, 2013

This year the Doctor of the Year has been elected through intermediary of the Estonian Health Fund and Internet portal already for 11th time. A jury has elected Dr. Ilmar Kaur as the Doctor of the Year of 2012 from among the candidates proposed by patients!   

“Bestowal of the title of the Doctor of the Year to the surgeon, who has not only gifted hands, a heart of gold but also words of encouragement is an especial pleasure which I pronounce with all my heart”, said Evelin Ilves, the spouse of the President of Estonia.

“I am very grateful that my patients give me such a high grade. It is a mark that I, in my work, performed proper actions which were useful for a lot of people; this fact inspires me in my follow-up activity. In Estoniathere are many excellent doctors who deserve the same attention”, stated Dr. Ilmar Kaur. “A doctor becomes good with the course of time, where there is interest in his work, in achievement of its results, as well as in case of respect for his patients; a sense of humor also makes a contribution to that. In my life there are quite a few good and worthy examples of that. The work inEstonia is dynamic, interesting, sometimes it is difficult but I was never out of conceit with that”.

“I am glad that the Doctor of the Year of 2012 has become the young man, surgeon who introduces new methods of treatment and motivated to work in Estonia”, pronounced Head of the Estonian Health Fund Dr. Eero Merilind. “The propositions of candidates of this year are characterized with personal attitude toward a patient, as well as the sickness cases which require the most complicated surgical treatment. In addition to Dr. Ilmar Kaur who has been elected as the Doctor of the Year of 2012, the candidates of Professor Toomas Asser, Dr. Kahro Talli, Dr. Madis Rahu were proposed. From among family physicians, the candidates of Dr. Andri Merilood, Dr. Kerli Jaagosild and Dr. Svea Rosenthal were proposed”.

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