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Weight loss surgery in Tallinn

About Hospital

Our Team

The chief surgeon of our hospital is Dr. Ilmar Kaur. He is the most prominent bariatric surgeon in Estonia having experience in the field of bariatric surgeries since 2005.

Our entire team is experienced in bariatric surgery and is constantly improving its skills. Excellent training and extensive experience enable us to offer patients high-quality health care.

Our goal is to make this experience as pleasant as possible for you.

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Our Team

Bariatric Services is the private hospital specialized solely in bariatric surgery. Specializing in a single area has enabled us to provide safe, effective, and high-quality treatment. During 10 years of operation, we have grown into the largest Bariatric Surgery Center in Estonia, performing more than half of all weight loss surgeries performed in Estonia.

The hospital personnel is proficient in Finnish, Russian and English, the trained nurses are superbly conversant in the needs of bariatric patients.

The Hospital offers to the patients very good inpatient conditions in a recently renovated 2-person wards. Private room/companion stay is for extra cost.

The reliability and high quality of our services are evidenced by the fact that around two thirds of our patients come from countries where expectations regarding the quality of healthcare services are very high, such as Finland, Norway, Sweden, the UK, and Iceland.

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