When the decision in favor of weight loss surgery is made, the following question is faced: which method of surgery to choose. The main established and long-term effective methods in bariatric surgery are:

All of the above operations are effective, and you don’t have to choose between good or bad, but to find the best option for you. In the case of a particular patient, there are rarely conditions that completely prevent or favor one method or another. The goals for choosing the method of bariatric surgery in different patients may vary.

Satisfaction with surgery is affected not only by weight loss but also by the occurrence of side effects from surgery, and it is possible that a patient whose weight loss can be seen as an example to everyone will still be disappointed in the end result due to the side effects.

In our experience, the risk of immediate surgical complications such as suture leaks or bleeding does not depend on the method of surgery chosen, nor does the rate of postoperative recovery vary. There are no significant differences in dyslipidemia (elevated cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood), hypertension, joint and back pain relief. Future planned pregnancies and births should not affect the choice between different methods of surgery.

All bariatric operations require good lifestyle support in the form of informed food choices and regular exercise.

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