There are many myths and prejudices regarding the results and safety of bariatric surgery. In most cases, the fears and prejudices result from the experiences of specific patients with complications and an unsatisfactory treatment. There is no medical procedure or medicine that does not have side effects, the same applies to bariatric surgery.

To avoid disappointment, it is worth examining the competence of the surgeon and the treatment team, counselling and monitoring services provided, their durability, and the experiences of other patients – all these things matter.

Bariatric Services is the only medical institution in Estonia that is focused on just one area. Our dedication has led us to become the largest professional clinic not only in Estonia but also in the Baltic states and Finland in 10 years. The growing number of patients from Estonia and abroad speaks of trust and satisfaction with the quality of our service.

For the patient, each operation is a unique experience, and we want to make the entire patient’s journey of treatment to be positive, safe, memorable and effective.

10 main reasons to choose the Bariatric Services Clinic for surgery.

  • Favourable price and excellent value for money.
  • Short waiting lists for surgery. With us, you can get to the operation in an average of 6 weeks, the length of the pre-operation diet is 2-3 weeks. If the BMI is below 35, a preoperative diet is not required.
  • A pleasant and experienced surgeon. Many of our patients have chosen our clinic because of the surgeon’s personality and his outstanding work experience. Patients characterize Dr. Ilmar Kaur as a warm and caring person who explains
    things to the patient clearly and calmly.
  • Clarity and simplicity of the whole process. Patients have found that the instructions we share are clear and adequate, the process itself quick and understandable.
  • Experiencing a sense of support and security through friendly, supportive and patient communication on pre-hospital, in-hospital and after-hospital stages. Patients highly value our empathetic hospital nurses.
  • Getting in touch with our surgeon and nutritionist is easy. No patient concern or problem is left unsolved, the necessary support is always available.
  • Facebook support group.
  • Possibility to come to the operation with a companion, who can stay either in the hospital with the patient or in the Spa Hotel next to the hospital.
  • Gastroscopy under anesthesia.

But the greatest value lies in the fact that bariatric surgery helps patients get back to
the life they deserve, that they dream of.

”As for your service, I liked that the process was clear and fast. All the staff were very pleasant, and I had a feeling of well-kept patient – I could contact them immediately in case of concern (fortunately, this has not happened so far).”

“ I was very satisfied with everything. Before the operation, there was excellent communication with assistant Julia, who always responded promptly, and I got answers to my questions. While in the hospital, everyone was very pleasant and showed a caring
attitude. I would especially like to thank nurse Teija, who is such a wonderful person, so deep and warm and sweet. Teija always made me feel like I was doing the right thing and before the surgery alleviated tension very well. And surely, it’s Dr. Ilmar Kaur himself. I am so pleased that I chose him as my doctor. Immediately there was confidence, and he is a truly pleasant person. I liked the fact that the doctor visited me before and after the operation to see how I was recovering and how I was feeling. It was nice and comfortable to communicate.”

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