Success means that you develop a healthy relationship with food and with your body, you’re able to look in the mirror and say:

  • I work hard to maintain my health;
  • I like the way my body looks;
  • I like to sit down and enjoy a meal – where I don’t feel guilty afterward, where I’m able to control my cravings and my hunger and I enjoy unprocessed foods;
  • I have a very clear understanding of what it takes for me to maintain my weight loss and maintain my overall health;
  • I enjoy physical activity and this is a source of pleasure for me and it’s important and I’m not going to do anything to jeopardize it.

When you can look in the mirror and you can sit down at the table and like what you see and feel good after what you eat –

– then you’ve achieved success and this must be our goal because in the end it’s about your happiness and this, more than whether you’re 150 180 or 200 pounds, will determine your overall happiness and success after surgery.


Ilmar Kaur, MD
Bariatric surgeon


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