The cost factor

Of course, the price of a medical procedure have an influence over your decision. The weight loss surgery price can vary between different providers, and usually depends on what is included and the quality and reputation of the surgeons.

While sometimes people are receiving excellent treatment at budget prices, as a rule in life ‘you get what you pay for’ and when it comes to something as important as your health, cheaper is not always better.

When considering surgery you should always put your health first along with the proven quality of treatment.

However to ensure you make an informed decision that isn’t solely based on getting the cheapest price, here’s some additional considerations beyond cost that should be taken into account.

Do your research

Before your decide on a particular clinic or even a procedure, it’s always a good idea to do some research and shop around.

When choosing a bariatric surgeon and clinic, then it is important to do a research about their background: check out the qualifications of the surgeons, who carry out the procedure, how many surgeries they perform yearly, what type of support is provided and what is the feedback of previous patients. Accomplished and professional surgeons are those that perform at least 100 bariatric surgeries per year. A high number of surgeries ensures that exceptional and safe surgical standard is maintained and offered to every patient.

In addition, look at the clinic’s overall reputation and what is included to the weight loss surgery price. If a clinic is more expensive, but has a proven track record over a cheaper one, surely it makes sense to go with them and pay a little more to ensure your safety and maximise the success of the procedure and avoid problems later.

Aftercare matters

Of course, if everything goes as planned, it doesn’t matter if you chose a cheaper or more expensive service provider. Unfortunately surgery is never risk-free. Risks exist and if complications occur, the surgeon’s experience and the ability of the clinic to solve critical situations are extremely important.

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is important to do some research in advance and find out who will bear the cost of additional treatment that may occur unexpectedly. Also, how the treatment of any subsequent complications is resolved.

Does the service provider take full responsibility and is ready to help the patient in any situation? Whether the surgeon is actually involved with aftercare or only performs the operation for service provider? Will you get all the necessary documents from the hospital in an understandable language about the procedure you will receive?

With many cheaper offers the aftercare may be lacking or incur additional costs on top of the original treatment. However, most reputable clinics will offer aftercare and complication management as part of the surgery package and have customer service and satisfaction at the forefront of their operation, not profit.

Why to choose Bariatric Services?

Bariatric Services AS is a specialized clinic in Tallinn, Estonia focusing on obesity surgery

Bariatric Services chief surgeon – Doc. Ilmar Kaur is the leading bariatric surgeon in Estonia. Moreover, he is the president of Estonian Society for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery and accredits other bariatric surgeons in Estonia. Ilmar Kaur performs personally over 400 weight loss surgeries a year and has performed around 4000 in total.

Our weight loss surgery price is  final. Bariatric Services takes full responsibility for the treatment cost of all complications that occur during primary hospitalization and within 30 postoperative days regardless if hospital or surgeon is responsible for complication or not.

Bariatric Services also takes responsibility for additional medical measures (including surgical treatment) that are necessary in situations where post-operative health status significantly impairs the quality of life of the patient, except for lower weight loss than expected or problems caused by excess skin.