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Good value weight-loss surgery package directly from the service provider

The average saving for our patients is 2000 – 5000 EUR compared to clinics in Scandinavia and UK, travel-agencies and other intermediaries.

All inclusive price – no hidden or extra cost

Our price includes all costs in Tallinn, Estonia – night before surgery in a hotel (if needed), all transfers in Tallinn, a personalized service and entire hospital care.

One of the biggest Bariatric Surgery Centers in Baltic region

Our surgical team has peformed more than 2000 bariatric surgeries and is highly experienced in the field of bariatric surgeries.
Excellent training and extensive experience has brought the occurrence of complications to minimum.

Complications management is included

We can manage all postoperative complications regardless of being early or late. Late complications management requires travelling to Tallinn.
90% of complications that need additional special medical care, occur within 48 hours after surgery, when patient is still in hospital. In very rare cases when urgent medical care is needed when patient is back at home, patient will be treated according to local health insurance requirements.

Surgeries in highest level modern hospital are safer for patient than in small private clinics

North Estonian Medical Centre is the highest level medical centre in the region, capable of handling most challenging and complicated medical cases.
Our surgeons and anesthesiologists have excellent training in bariatrics and have very good experience in treating high-surgical-risk bariatric patients.


Patient is insured against unexpected costs, meaning any unexpected treatment costs in the hospital will not come as additional costs for the patient.
In case of longer stay in hospital, Bariatric Services will compensate or buy a new return ticket.

Long hospitalization ensures patient safety

Our patients stay in hospital 3-4 days after surgery. Discharge from the hospital is allowed only after patient is able to eat and drink sufficiently, blood tests are as expected and bowel movements have restored.
Average stay in Scandinavian and UK hospitals is usually only 1-2 days.

Quality of bariatric surgeries is higher than in Scandinavia in average

According to Scandinavian Obesity Surgery Registry, the rate of postoperative complications is even lower than in Scandinavia in average.

Long term counseling and follow up

Surgeon and dietician online consultation available for long term. Skype consultations are growing in popularity for our patients as they enable both the patient and the doctor to communicate directly with each other without having to travel.

Thousands of satisfied patients cannot be wrong

98% of our patients have provided the highest score to our service.

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