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Quality surgery from Bariatric Services

Bariatric Services team performs over 250 weight loss surgeries per year, which makes us one of the biggest bariatric surgery center in the Baltic region, Finland and northwestern Russia.

Our medical team is highly experienced in the field of bariatric surgeries and improves its skills continuously in order to provide top-quality medical service for our patients. Excellent training and extensive experience has brought the occurrence of complications to a minimum.

For the best surgery result and for patient’s safety, it is important that surgery is carried out by the specialized surgeon that has extensive expertise with this type of surgeries. All our surgeons are specialized either to bariatric or plastic surgeries and are performing yearly hundreds of operations.
Bariatric Services proudly announces that our head surgeon – Doc. Ilmar Kaur is the leading bariatric surgeon in Estonia. Doctor Kaur has the most prominent and the longest experience in the field of bariatric surgery in Estonia. Moreover, he is the president of Estonian Society for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery and accredits other bariatric surgeons in Estonia. Ilmar Kaur performes ca 200 weight loss surgeries a year.

His gifted hands and golden heart are equally valued by his patients. Doctor Kaur has been awarded with the Estonian Doctor of The Year prize on 2012.

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Plastic surgery and liposuction is performed by experienced plastic surgeon Siim Simmo.
He is specialized in abdominoplasty, breast measures (breast reduction, enlargement, and the lift) and liposuction. He has been working in Länsi-Uusimaa Hospital corrective plastic surgery department since 2007 and is the chief of Plastic Surgery department since 2014.